4 Ways to Make Money by Turning Your Computer on and Walking Away


4 Ways to Make Money by Turning Your Computer on and Walking Away

4 Ways to Make Money by Turning Your Computer on and Walking Away

computer left onCrazy as it may sound, you can make money with your computer without actually doing any work!

I am not talking about earning money playing computer games!

And no, recycling your old computer, although a great option for getting some cash for an old and unused PC, is not what I am talking about here, either.

I am talking about making money by simply turning your PC on and walking away!

Essentially you’ll use the processing power of your computer to make money by sharing the resource with others in a safe and reliable way.

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With the power of your home computer and internet connection, there are a range of software options you can employ to turn your computer into a money maker.

1. Slicify

Using software created by companies like Slicify, you are able to set up a partitioned Linux Virtual Machine on your home PC. This means that other people can run software on your computer, without having access to any of your personal information, programs or files.

It is essentially a small-scale version of what large companies like Amazon or are doing when they rent out their servers to other businesses.

It is known as Distributed Computing.

When you use this software, you are listed on a secure pool where buyers in need can see the details of what your computer can provide.

If they want to make use of it, they simply select your computer and pay to use it by the house, bringing in money with zero effort from you.

As more and more business moved online, many businesses find themselves needing extra storage space, servers, or other support.

On a large scale, companies like Amazon add billions to their revenue by sharing their computing power with companies from a range of industries, including finance, science, engineering, and more.

Do I have to do any work?


After installing the software, all you need to do is turn on your PC.

That’s it!

If your computer is on and has an internet connection, the software will ensure that everything else runs smoothly.

If any problems occur, there is an impressive customer support and FAQ available for users that should guide you through any problems.

Is this safe?

Software like Slicify exists so you can undertake this process securely.

It ensures that your private information remains private and that nothing harmful can be installed or accessed.

Using tools to complement your firewall, you can be sure no one can see your personal files.

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Any traffic that goes through your computer goes through Slicify first, making sure every access is secure.

How do I get paid?

Currently, Slicify uses PayPal to conduct payouts, so you will need to simply set up an account to get paid.

Whenever your machine is rented, you are paid by the hour.

If you make referrals to other people, you can also make referral bonuses from the work done on their computers.

How much will I make?

Larger companies using this process currently charge between $0.02 to $4.60 per hour depending on the need and capacity of the PC.

For home computers, you can earn between $0.10 and $0.40 per hour, depending on the provider and service.

You have a chance of making more on Slicify because bidders can compete for your PC.

That said, the amount of money you can earn is really not much. But then again, you aren’t doing anything either.

You just turn on your computer in the mooring (or whenever you like) and go about your daily routine. Your computer’s power does all the work and collects you a few dollars a day.

All payments will be made through PayPal, and getting others to participate means you make money even more quickly.

You can find out more specifically how much your PC is worth by using the Calculator on Slicify.

Other paid distributed computing projects

Slicify is not the only service available for this option. There are also many other paid distributed computing projects.

Here are the other 3 well-known and trusted networks you can join to get paid for distributed computing:

2. Gomez PEER

Gomez PEER is one of the most popular distributed computing company for home users.

Simply download the software you need from the site and instantly begin making use of your computer’s power immediately.

There are over 150 000 computers on this service and actively making money.

The sign up is free, and you can help companies grow while making your own money.

3. Digital / Coin Generation

Just like the other tools discussed, Digital Generation requires you to simply install software and allow it to run.

The software runs in the background of your programs without impacting your computer’s performance.

4. MQL 5 – Distributed Cloud Network

Think of the amount of time your PC sits in your home office without being used – you can turn that time into a period that your computer makes you money.


Sell your computer’s CPU time to members of MQL 5 who use the additional power for analyzing data or developing new math models.

In summary

Each of the services discussed above has been used popularly by thousands to make money easily.

While you won’t make a living off this process, it is an easy and steady revenue to add with no effort.

Your own use of your home computer is not limited in any way by the use.

It almost seems crazy not to do it!

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