Earn Money From Ojooo

Earn Money From Ojooo

Ojooo website is undoubtedly one of the oldest and best websites to earn money for seeing and viewing ads, which started its work in Germany in 2013 and is still valid and active in this field.

Ojooo wad PTC website due to its good advantages can be considered a great option to earn money online, including these benefits we can mention the appropriate number of daily ads, rank and excellent ranking among many PTC websites. Other benefits of this website include upgrading conditions and upgrading the user account at a reasonable price to use special features such as receiving an unlimited direct subscription, a minimum withdrawal amount of $2, and payment in Bitcoin.

Earn Money From Ojooo

To register on the website, just click on the link below, and after pressing the green SIGNUP button, enter the basic information such as username, email, solve the Google captcha code, and finally accept the website terms of service agreement by clicking the Register button. Finish the initial.

In the continuation of this article, the important items and sections of Ojooo website and how to work in this reputable website will be presented in a visual form, stay with us and do not miss the rest of the article.

Register at OJOOO

Earn from viewing ads with Ojooo by introducing useful sections
After confirming the email and completing the initial registration process on the ojooo website, by logging in to your account via the Login menu, you will be faced with two menus, which we will examine in this menu and its sub menus.

The first part of the main menu of the ojooo website
In the image below, you can see the main menu of the ojooo website, including four sections that we will explain and introduce each section.

Earn Money From Ojooo

Paid To Click ads section
In this section, as its name suggests, you can earn money by watching ads. The number of ads The duration of each ad and the amount of revenue for each ad is known, these ads are visible daily and you should see your ads in the future to earn money from your subsets.

After seeing each ad, a timeline will be filled in as shown below and the ad amount will be added to your account.

Offers section
This section includes Offers and in fact the activity requested by the website, but if you are relatively fluent in English, you can find items that will earn more money, such as tap or line , Coin games and automatic traffic exchange are also included in this section, which can be significant for blog and website administrators to receive free traffic from this valid website.

Advertise section
If you want to advertise on Ojooo website, you can order your desired advertisement from this section.

Forum section
You can see the Ojoo0 website forum and related activities in this section.

The second part of the user menu of Ojooo website
In the image below, you can see the menu on the left, and in fact the user menu of the ojooo website, which consists of nine sections, and we will explain each section.

Earn Money From Ojooo

Affiliate Program section
This section explains that by offering ojooo website advertising space to others in various ways, you can experience up to 30% more revenue, more will be mentioned below.

Puzzle section
Perhaps this part can be considered as the difference between ojooo website and other click websites. In this attractive section, you can collect pieces of puzzles and arrange them to achieve a product whose specifications you see on the first page of your profile, as well as records. View previously received contests and prizes.

Referral Tools section
In this section, you have the necessary tools to attract subsets, such as the types of banners and marketing links for you, which you should use these tools usefully, the link in the first box with the text: Your reflink is your own link.

Advertising section
This section is for buying and creating different types of ads on Ojooo website.

Settings section
You can manage personal settings, community related settings, profile picture, password change from this section.

Referrals section
In this section, you can access referral information and statistics and your sub-categories for better management, whether it is directly attracted sub-categories or rental sub-categories from ojooo website.

Purchase section
In this section of ojooo website, you can make purchases, see your invoice and balance of your purchase, purchase memberships to upgrade your account, purchase subsets and rent subsets in this section.

History section
In this section, the history of all your activities will be available on the ojooo website.

Cash Out funds section
In this section, you can transfer your working amounts to your main account in Bitcoin, and for the first time and normal membership, this amount is equivalent to two dollars, note that if you use a Bitcoin account in payeer, the minimum amount is defined. The price for bitcoin is 0.001 btc.

Last word and a few important and practical points on the ojooo website

1- In the reputable ojooo website, you can operate and plan more safely than other websites, although there is no 100% guarantee for any website in the entire Internet network.

2- At Ajoo website, you can easily attract up to countless direct subsets with a monthly cost of $ 2 and enjoy its benefits.

3 – Try to see your ads daily and then try to attract active sub-categories through social networks to achieve the desired income, if you fail to see ads yourself, you should not expect from your sub-categories.

4 – On the ojooo website, you can buy three types of membership, at least for serious activity of Economy Lite, especially if you own a media and can attract the right people, we recommend that you upgrade your account from the beginning.

5 – Unlock the Prolong your status automatically in the membership purchase and upgrade section, your membership will be automatically renewed after the end of the course.

6 – On Ojooo website, each credit, point or credit is equal to one dollar (Credits 1 = $ 1)

7. To withdraw from the Ojooo website as a regular member, you must see 100 ads and reach a minimum of $ 2 for the first time and at least $ 6 for the next time.

8 – ojooo website is strongly opposed to multiple accounts or multiple user accounts, so create only one account on this site, otherwise all your accounts will be blocked.

Important points about ojooo website will be added to this article over time, we hope you will share your experiences with this site with us in the form of comments.


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