Make Money From The Internet

Make Money From The Internet

Make Money From The Internet
Make Money From The Internet

Have you ever wondered that you can make money online with an internet line and a computer without having to leave home every hour and get to work?

Many people in the community, due to lack of knowledge, believe that making money from the Internet is the work of lazy people, but our opinion in the webmaster group is completely opposite to this group, and we believe that smart people are more successful in this area. Maybe this misconception will cause many people to get tired in the middle of the road and leave their path to success. Making money on the Internet without capital requires sufficient expertise and one must be constantly connected to the digital world. Therefore, in the webmaster group, we decided to take a closer look at how to make money on the Internet and introduce ways to make money online so that you can use them as well. So join us.

What does it mean to make money from the internet?

First of all, let’s have a slang definition of making money from the internet. Making money from the internet or making money through the internet is a question for many users and we all like to make a fixed monthly income for ourselves in the easiest way possible. So you have to admit that there is enough motivation to use this method, but the point that discourages most users is that the competition in this area is very high and one has to have enough patience to work in it.


If you want to create an Instagram page, you have to connect with your followers;
If you want to have a telegram channel, you have to attract users to your content;
If you are a freelancer, you need to create a good work history and resume for yourself;
If you are a blogger, you need to be creative and write compelling content;
If you want to make money by participating in sales, you need to learn the basics of marketing.
So making money from the internet means gaining expertise and knowledge over time and applying them in cyberspace. If you have enough perseverance and ability to work in this field, we assure you that you will succeed, just take the time!

Internet business in the time tunnel

Given that a large amount of Internet business is done using computers, many may believe that the Internet began to make money with the advent of computers. Although the first computer was built in 1937, the advent of the Internet dates back to the 1960s and was not universal until 1990. The greatest change in the field of Internet and computer jobs has occurred since 2000, and from this time on can be considered the time of the explosion of online businesses. Of course, although most of the revenue in these years came from advertising and discussion of websites, but over time with the advent of social networks such as Facebook and subsequent applications such as Instagram and Telegram, the trend of earning money from the Internet has changed more than it is today. . Fortunately, making money online now is not limited to computers and computer programs, and there are many applications that can be easily used to make money. In the following, we will discuss some of the ways to earn money through the Internet and show why the society is more inclined to this method.

Why Making Money From The Internet Is Attractive

The question that arises here is why most people in the community are interested in making money from the Internet? Sure, people will give different answers to this question depending on the knowledge and equipment at their disposal, but a few points have made this method very attractive:

Everyone in the community has access to it: If you are looking to make money online, a regular home computer, smartphone, tablet or laptop are the tools you can easily start your own business. So all members of the community with basic information in this area can easily access different parts of it and enjoy its benefits. Now one person may be involved in the production of handmade dolls and another in the field of preparing and presenting scientific articles.
It can be used in different fields: One of the biggest advantages of working in the virtual field is that there are no restrictions on the activities of different people. For example, one person may be involved in publishing religious material, another may be involved in family counseling and psychology, and another may be selling his or her own product or service. In any case, communication via the Internet is very simple and each person can provide their desired goods and services to different customers.
It requires the least initial investment: One of the best ways to earn money that does not require initial investment and money is to use the Internet. Of course, some of you may mention the issue of buying the Internet or gadgets such as computers or smartphones, but do not forget that these gadgets are now recognized as a normal part of people’s lives and deal with them on a daily basis. Even if there are people who do not have access to these devices, they can still get them and start operating at home with a small investment.
It can be done with the usual equipment: Let’s review the process of starting to earn money from the Internet. You buy a computer or a smartphone, you provide the necessary internet for its activity and you spend enough time at home to work in this field. It seems that you will not need very advanced equipment. So if there is a way to earn money that does not require high equipment and expertise and is cheap, do you think it is not a good way to earn money ?!

14 Ways to Make Money on the Internet

Now that we know the basics and equipment needed to start making money on the Internet, we need to know some of its implementation methods so that we can have a successful and reliable performance in this area. The tools used to make money online are different, and as a result of these differences, we need to use different methods. These methods may be specific to a particular program or may be used in several cases.

1. Make money from Instagram

In 2012, Instagram was acquired by Facebook, and many of Facebook’s marketing and advertising programs were transferred to the app. But users can also use this tool to earn money. Artists, famous athletes, footballers and people with unique abilities such as humor or extraordinary works can post videos, photos, live or live broadcasts, and stories in the Instagram app, thereby attracting more followers. The more followers these pages have, the higher the interaction rate of the page in question and the more people it interacts with. This makes the page very suitable for advertising and uses advertising as a way to earn money. Even the owners of these pages can put different products on these pages and sell them as a product. To earn money from Instagram, all you need to do is create a page and connect with other users on Instagram. The higher the number of followers and the interaction rate of your page, the more likely you are to earn money.

2. Make money from Telegram

Telegram is another social network and application that can be installed on smartphones that you can use to communicate with other users. Communication via telegram is very simple and you can earn money through tools such as telegram channels and telegram groups. Due to the fact that the methods of communication of users in Telegram are various, the methods of earning money through it are also different. To make money from Telegram, you only need to install its application, find a specific topic and create a channel for it, or place your products on this channel and attract members to your channel. Over time, user engagement for your channel increases to a capillary state, and you can use it to advertise and sell your desired products.

3. Activity as a freelancer

For those who specialize in a particular field and can do the job at home, freelancing can be a great way to make money online. A freelancer is someone who does other people’s projects at home and remotely and receives a fee for doing so. Freelancers can do and receive projects such as translation, typing, design, website design, graphic design, or even banner design. One of the most famous websites active in the field of freelancing is the Freelancer website, which has provided the field of activity for a large number of users in various fields.

4. Blogging

Blogging is older than other methods of making money online, and despite new SEO algorithms, blogging is still very important. A blogger can follow a specific topic and bring the blog to the first page of Google by optimizing his content. So make money by placing banners advertising other professions, selling backlinks, and the like. To do this, you can create a regular blog, choose an ir domain for it, and select a topic that has a lot of fans, and start writing and optimizing its content.

5. Launching online stores

Having an online store is a bit difficult and may cost more than other methods, but if you succeed in this way, you can certainly create a stable source of income with high income. An online store may include the sale of electronics, food products, decorative products or even downloadable products. To do this, you must first design an online store or buy a store template. By registering a domain and purchasing hosts for this store, your activity will officially start and you must place your products and services in the store. The more successful you are in ranking your search engine rankings, the more traffic you will surely attract to your business and the more customers you will have. Before launching an online store, you should do a feasibility study on its various stages and look for products that more people are looking for on the Internet. Even if you are a student, you can sell your pamphlets or other friends in the form of downloadable files.

6. Activity on click websites

If you are looking for a way to make money online without the least hassle or need special skills, be sure to follow the click websites. These websites act as intermediaries for different companies and their job is to generate traffic for different websites. As an internet employee, you do not need to be familiar with any special expertise and you can only earn a steady income during the day by using a computer and an internet line. The way these websites work is that you create an account for yourself and you get paid for clicking on certain websites and seeing their ads. Your income in this method is related to the amount of your clicks on various ads and seeing their ads.

7. Application design

With the advent of Android and iOS operating systems, today we are witnessing the increasing use of applications in smartphones. This scope has grown to such an extent that we come across similar applications with the same application. Apps for finding addresses, recipes, virtual contests, or any other app that you think is creative and successful in attracting customers can help you in the process of making money online. Of course, do not forget that market needs assessment before any action is crucial.

8. Design a robot for Telegram or Instagram

The Internet is full of revenue and money for those who are creative, and if someone specializes in that field, they will surely be more successful. Above, we mentioned two ways to earn money from Telegram and earn money from Instagram. You may not know! But today, some people have designed robots that can increase the number of members of Telegram channels and Instagram followers. If you are interested in this field, try to learn their basics and basics and easily make money using these robots. An Instagram robot can act like a user and be effective in attracting followers, liking content and following different people.

9. Providing consulting services online

This method is very suitable and ideal for those who specialize in a particular field. Disciplines such as psychology, religious counseling, marriage and family counseling, diet counseling, and sports counseling in this area will bring you enough income. Even if you do not specialize in these areas, you can design a website and make it rise in search engines and hold consulting sessions by hiring a professional.

10. Virtual cooking lessons

Given that I am one of the most loyal customers of one of the virtual kitchens, I suggest that you go to this solution to earn money through the Internet. For those who are interested in cooking, designing a cooking website costs between 200 and 500 thousand tomans and writing its contents is not a difficult task. Try to put videos and content related to cooking education on these websites and attract the audience for it. If you are successful in optimizing and optimizing your virtual kitchen, you can be sure that many customers will call you soon for your food.

11. Create a database

When it comes to database names, many of us are scared of names and titles, but keep in mind that you can also create small or even large databases to make money online. Today, you can see that many websites and blogs are selling scientific and translated articles and even selling various samples of dissertations from different universities. To earn money from this method, correspond with all your friends in all cities of Iran and try to collect their scientific data. In the next step, go to a website designer and buy a very simple ready-made template. By doing this, you can easily sell these products by phone and other solutions.

12. Participation in sales

Some large international companies such as Amazon and eBay, use this method to increase their sales figures. This method is very suitable for those who are looking for a second job or have special skills in marketing. In this way, you, as one of the sellers of these companies, are responsible for selling the products and collect a percentage of your sales as a commission. To thrive in this way, you can work on various social networks such as Instagram, Telegram, Facebook and even Twitter and attract customers to your business. This method does not require special expertise and you just need to be able to attract more people to your social media pages to turn them into potential customers and sell your products to them.

13. Acting as a housekeeper

Some companies, in order to reduce their running costs and also due to lack of space, are looking for offline employees and home employees who do all their activities at home and enjoy the salary and benefits of an employee. These companies are small and a little hard to find, but if you can find one of these companies, you can both work safely in your home environment and use other ways to earn money online. For example, you could work as a telephone clerk for a company or in the office of a company manager, and at the same time earn a living as a freelance typing and translator.

14. Production of educational videos and their sale

This method, compared to other methods of earning money from the Internet, also requires a special software that is used to record educational videos. Suppose you are familiar with working with Photoshop software, working with systems such as WordPress and Joomla, working with website design software and things like that, and you can do the training process virtually with the help of instructional videos. . This is the best opportunity for you to film how to learn each of these softwares and post some of their clips on social networks or on websites such as YouTube and Aparat. You can even invest in designing a professional website to sell your products.

Some Big Mistakes in Internet Businesses

There are several ways to monetize the Internet, depending on your access to different technologies, you can use each of them. The important thing in the meantime is to choose your path correctly and become an experienced person in your path by experiencing various victories and defeats. Given our background in Internet business, we have found some major mistakes in making money online, including:

– One hundred years old in one night!

In the first paragraph of this text, we mentioned that two groups of people in the society are moving towards earning money through the Internet, the first group is lazy people and the second group is people active in the digital field. One of the problems that the first group is struggling with is that they want to travel a hundred years in one night. The bad news is that this is not possible at all, and the online business environment needs the right jobs and skills to succeed.

Making money from the internet is not for everyone!

After a few days or even months of working on Telegram, Instagram or your blog, you may have come to the conclusion that making money from the Internet is not for everyone. First, you need to devote enough time to your work and try different methods to find the path to success. You may be a professional knife maker, or you may be a professional typist, but because you are afraid of online business, you miss the opportunity to sell and offer it online. Eventually you will have to spend a week or two learning the basics and then taking the next steps while launching your products and services.

– I have to resign from my previous job!

This is especially true for those who are self-employed and have realized the potential of the Internet to make money. Usually, these people try to quit their first job because of their initial excitement and focus on online business. Success in this case is very low and not worth the risk. Our suggestion in this regard is to continue your previous job and dedicate part of your daily time to activities in the virtual field. After working hard for a while and coming to the conclusion that you can earn more by spending more time, then move on to your previous job and focus on making money online.

Making money online is the job of lazy people!

The reason we put so much emphasis on the issue of lazy people is that they prefer not to be shaken by space or their environment and easily make a lot of money. In practice, keep in mind that making money online is not easy and you need to spend a lot of time doing so. Meanwhile, if lazy people want to work in this field, although they do not suffer much physically, but they will have to devote an important part of their mental and psychological focus to this field and will be forced to discuss new and more advanced discussions. Learn.

– Internet does not require special expertise!

For many people, the Internet and cyberspace are reduced to going to Google and searching for a few simple words, or some of them may think that by creating a telegram channel or an Instagram page, they can easily work in it and many members Absorb. Making money and attracting customers are closely related and one must have sufficient expertise in marketing and advertising. Yes! You may be making dolls or even decorative knives, but that does not mean you can easily sell your products in one channel. You may even have to hire a digital marketer or digital marketer to be able to communicate with potential customers and audiences on your behalf. So if you do not specialize in using the Internet, you should at least have a profession with you.

6 Tips for Succeeding at Making Money Online

Based on what has been said about common mistakes in online businesses, you can largely guess what programs guarantee success in this direction. Making money through the Internet and online space depends to a large extent on having enough experience and knowledge; The better and clearer you look at this path, the more definite and more likely your success will be. To succeed in this path, we recommend that you remember the following:

1. Be sure to plan ahead

Do not forget that any route, whether real or online, needs to be planned and targeted. When you want to make money from the Internet and choose one of the methods mentioned in the previous paragraphs, you should have a roadmap and take your next steps according to this plan. Not hard at all! Take a blank sheet of paper and write down what you want to do and the requirements you need to do, and try to follow the instructions step by step.

2. Have sufficient and up-to-date knowledge

By no means do I want to convey that I recommend for the mother to be inactive. To have any purpose in life, you need knowledge. On the other hand, cyberspace and the online world are moving fast and using advanced technologies. You may have a great service with ideal quality or a comprehensive product, but if you do not have enough knowledge to show it to your audience, your sales chain will be incomplete and you will have to go for the wrong and costly solutions. So always try not to disrupt the process of acquiring your knowledge, even if you earn enough money from the Internet, and always look for new and unique solutions.

3. Be familiar with the competitive environment in digital marketing

When your main goal is to make money online, you may have the impression that you are completely out of the competitive realm of the real world. But keep in mind that the competitive environment in digital marketing and digital marketing is very intense and you are facing very strong and dangerous competitors. You are probably familiar with the terms SEO and website optimization, click advertising, internet advertising, banner advertising and the like, so you should try to be strong enough in each of these areas and help your online business in This path should follow its proper and normal process. If you show weakness in any of these stages, you can be sure that you will not succeed in this competition. In the first place, you should encourage Internet search engines to show your business, and in the second step, try to attract the audience and customers to your business.

4. Categorize

One of the characteristics of big stores in the real world is that they categorize their products. This can be a great strategy for you in the process of making money online. You are not going to sell all your products in one batch and you are not going to put all your customers in one batch. Whether your goal is to make money from Telegram or Instagram, or you want to use tools like blogging, you need to remember to prepare your content and services for a specific range of customers and always your customers and audience. Keep thirsty for new products.

5. Be creative and attractive

I would rather illustrate this with an example: Build an online store, put your products in it, go to SEO and optimize your website, use click-through ads and tools like Google AdWords, and back up as much as possible. You buy the link. How many of your competitors do you think use this trend? Fortunately or unfortunately, the Internet is pervasive and an educational discussion is received by most of its audience. So if you want to follow the normal and repetitive routine in your online business, you can be sure that your problems are many. An important point in making money online is to go for your style and method. You can both follow the basics and be creative enough. it’s not hard!

  • You just have to try;
  • Go for new solutions;
  • Be creative with your audience;
  • Create challenging discussions;
  • Involve the audience in the discussion and in your products;
  • Reward;
  • Even challenge yourself and your business.

All of these methods will help you to show your business creatively enough and restore its lost charm.

6. Examine, analyze and draw conclusions

It is best to answer a few small questions at this stage:

  • How familiar are you with the Google Webmaster Tools?
  • Do you know Google Analytics?
  • Have you ever worked with Alexa?
  • Do you have local and time analysis on your website?
  • Do you know the engagement rate for Facebook or Instagram?
  • Do you know anything about the number of followers or members of the channel or group on Telegram and Instagram?

The purpose of these short questions was to show you how familiar you are with the different ways of analyzing your online business and how you can use them to review your project. A tip at the end of this article that can help you is to know and use different methods of reviewing and analyzing your online business to make the process of making money from the Internet easier for you. If you have problems with any of these steps, there are several tips on how to use and use these tools on the webmaster website that I recommend you read.

Last point

In this article, we did our best to describe in detail the different ways of earning money from the Internet and to introduce the necessary tools in each of the areas. You may find your way around using Instagram, using a blog, or participating in the process of selling an online store. Just keep in mind that you need to spend enough time on your program and try different methods to find the most successful path possible for you.


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