What is Bitcoin? Everything about Bitcoin It all started in 2008 with the publication of an article that introduced an electronic currency called Bitcoin. The anonymous identity of Satoshi Nakamoto was the initiator of a revolution that years later became the headline of the media, forcing economists to debate it […]

What is Tether? Everything you need to know about the USDT Tether, abbreviated USDT, is a cryptocurrency that, at a fixed price, protects you from severe market fluctuations and allows you to transfer your dollars digitally. If you’re looking for investing or trading cryptocurrencies, you’ve probably heard of Tether. In this […]

Zuckerberg: NFTs will be added to Instagram soon Mark Zuckerberg, the former CEO of Meta or Facebook, said the development team is working to bring NFTs to Instagram soon. He said he hopes Instagram users will be able to create their unique tokens in the next few months. According to […]

Applications of blockchain in future businesses In this post of Poolyab cryptocurrency magazine, we intend to explore the applications of blockchain to future businesses. Many of you may be familiar with the concept of blockchain. Klaus Schwab, founder, and CEO of The World Economic Forum describes the technology in a […]

Metaverse meaning With the renaming of Facebook to Meta, the word metaverse once again came to the fore. Although Metaverse is not a new term and dates back to at least thirty years ago, but with the widespread development of technology, the possibility of creating and full access to Metaverse […]

Factors affecting the price of land in Metaverse In this report, we examine the views of Joel John, investor in LedgerPrime Fund, on the factors influencing the pricing of land in Metaverse. John points to five important factors in determining the price of Metaverse lands. According to Cryptonews, the price […]

What is Non-fungible token or NFT? Non-fungible token, or NFT for short, is a unique digital asset. Unlike Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other digital currencies that are similar and have interchangeable units, each NFT unit has specific features that set it apart from other units. If you do not understand the […]

What is Sandbox? Learn how to buy and work with Sandbox Ever since October 2021, when Facebook announced that it would change its name to Meta, there has been a lot of hype surrounding the term “Metaverse” and its uses. Metaverse or the virtual world allows people to create custom […]