The total value locked in the SundaeSwap exceeded $108 million Cardano-based decentralized SundaeSwap Exchange has reached a new milestone, crossing the $108 million Total value locked (TVL). The total value of the locked represents the total value of the cryptocurrency assets embedded in the DeFi protocols. According to DeFi Llama […]

What is GameFi? Learn about decentralized games The term GameFi is one of the new terms these days that you will hear more as the game’s popularity grows. Many experts in the field of cryptocurrencies consider GameFi a new trend in the industry and believe that we will hear much […]

US Banking Giant: The boom in cryptocurrencies will begin soon Wells Fargo, one of the giants of the US financial and banking services industry, said in its latest report that the main boom in the cryptocurrency market has not yet begun. The bank called the acceptance rate of cryptocurrencies promising […]

Ethereum whales accumulate Axie Infinity Ethereum on-chain data show that the network’s whales have been accumulating Axie Infinity since the beginning of the week, and have accumulated a significant amount of blockchain game tokens in their wallets. According to the Daily Hodl, the big whales of the Ethereum network have […]