What is GameFi? Learn about decentralized games The term GameFi is one of the new terms these days that you will hear more as the game’s popularity grows. Many experts in the field of cryptocurrencies consider GameFi a new trend in the industry and believe that we will hear much […]

Ethereum whales are accumulating an unknown token Ethereum whales have been accumulating an unknown token in recent days. This digital currency, called the Render Token, has recently been introduced in the Coinbase exchange market. According to CryptoGlobe, data recently released by the WhaleStats platform show that the “RNDR” token has […]

What is Dash Digital Currency? Since late December 2016, when Bitcoin crossed the $1,000 mark, crazy investments in digital currencies have begun. Using blockchain technology, the world’s first decentralized currency, Bitcoin, was created. But Bitcoin had its drawbacks that made many digital currencies with different features and claims compete with […]

Will Tesla pay its rents with Bitcoin? After accepting Bitcoin as a payment method, the real estate company that uses Elon Musk also recognizes Bitcoin payments; The main question is whether Elon Musk and his company pay their rents in Bitcoin. According to the Cointelegraph, now that Tesla has become […]

Simple Description of Digital Currencies If we want to describe a digital currency such as Bitcoin with the current structure of money and the banking system, we can say: Bitcoin wallet is equivalent to your bank account. A digital currency wallet is a piece of software that can be installed […]

What is Bitcoin Support? Bitcoin has become one of the most reputable currencies in the world today, which has both the ability to invest and the ability to exchange currencies and can be used to buy and sell; But the question is, what is the bankroll of Bitcoin? In general, […]