Making Money on Pinterest

Making Money on Pinterest

Making Money on Pinterest
Making Money on Pinterest

Maybe in the first place when you open the Pinterest website, you come across an album gallery and find this website a repository of various photos and how you earn money from is strange to you, but in Pinterest you can use affiliate marketing.

But what is referral advertising or marketing?

Ever wanted something a bit different for your friends or family? Now imagine that the company makes those products pays you to offer its products to your friends and relatives. Every time a new customer buys the company’s products that you have offered to your friends, you, like an employee of the company, receive a commission from the profit of selling that product.

For example, you have participated in a virtual course and you are satisfied with it and you introduce it to your friends, you will be paid a commission for registering each of them in this virtual course.

But how does the company know you have introduced someone to use the service or product?

You can simply send the product referral link to your friends or family, and when they buy the product you ordered online, the company will notice and will automatically deposit the commission amount to your account.

Top 3 Steps to Make Money on Pinterest

First, register on Pinterest to be known as the manager of the company or service you want to introduce to others.
Make a CuTTEEE. You can do this with virtual tools such as Canva or any other tool at your disposal.
Start pinning the products and services you are interested in (with Affiliate link).

There is a lot of competition between photos on Pinterest and you should be able to design attractive photos for your product or service.

Making Money on Pinterest

After preparing your desired photo with any tool, upload it to Pinterest.

Making Money on Pinterest

In the upload window, enter the URL of the website you are promoting the company’s product. For example, if you are looking for a laptop from Amazon, after taking a good photo of it, upload it to Pinterest and in the URL of the destination product, you should put a link from the website that refers to the product.

Almost done and you can pin the product, but on the next page you will be able to edit your product so that by adding a brief description of the product or keywords, your pin will be more visible to viewers.

Making Money on Pinterest

At Pinterest, you can work as an internet marketer for all companies and, depending on your creativity, sell a variety of products to online customers and make a good income.






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