Earn money from Twitter

Earn money from Twitter

Earn money from Twitter

In this article, we are going to review the best ways to earn money from Twitter with you so that if you have a popular Twitter page or if you have the ability to spend time, you can earn money from this service.

What is Twitter?

Twitter is a micro blog or social network that allows its users submit their posts with 280 word text, the name of these posts on Twitter is called tweet, and in addition, the network has other interesting features, including that you can hashtag or post with the hashtag you want see it or you can put a video or photo or link in your tweet.

Twitter was created in March 2006 by a man named Jack Dorsey who in 2012 managed to reach more than 100 million users who sent 340 million tweets per day!

We do not intend to say more than this, and we had better go to the main point!

Earn Money From Twitter Tricks

Making money from Twitter is like making money from other services and have their own rules and principles, which we have explained in last our articles especially  in the article on making money from the Internet, and we suggest you to read it in full.

But on Twitter, you can make money in a different way, while on Instagram or Telegram, such a thing is not possible, and that is selling tweets!

Make money from Twitter by selling tweets

If you are wondering why others should buy tweets from you, we need to explain a little more because it is about SEO and website and page optimization!

For example, when the Google search engine sees that the article “Making Money from Bitcoin” on Poolyab’s website has received a lot of likes and retweets on Twitter, it thinks that this article must have been valuable, so with important keywords, it will put the article on Poolyab’s page. Google brings first! This is called the social signal effect in SEO.

So many websites, including our website, we are ready to buy tweets or likes from you! For example, if your tweets get 100 likes, we are ready to republish one of our articles on your page and for that, for example, we will pay 5 Dollars that we can cooperate in secret and republish an article from us daily. This means that you can receive $5 per day from a website only with 100-like tweets.

If your tweet page does not have any other visits, you can send us a message, for example, and then like our 20 Twitter posts and receive 5 Dollars for it, for example! This means that you can get good money by liking others.

It is true that you can not become a millionaire by doing this, but also keep in mind that this has no risk and does not require special capital or time! Instead, by spending 2 hours a day doing these things, you can earn $30 a day (it depends on you)

Sell files and services on Twitter

This type of monetization can be done in any virtual network, and I think Twitter is suitable for this, but as long as your page has a visit or an audience, if the audience is related to your products, it will be much better!

Earn money from Twitter

For example, imagine you have a Twitter page where you post photos and decorative items and you have been able to attract 10,000 followers on Twitter, thanks to which each post of yours gets a thousand likes, so now think for yourself if in Make a training file for a few hours and sell it for $19. How many of you will buy it? How many people will buy your paintings if you sell them?

When your page only pursues a goal and only tweets about special topics so the process of making money from Twitter will be easier for him because all your contacts are targeted and in the worst case he will buy one percent of you and in the average case 10 Percentage!

In other words, if a thousand people buy your $19 training file, it will be equivalent to 19000 Dollars. Making money from Twitter is definitely not as easy as other digital businesses, but if you are creative and interested, it will be so much fun and sweet that you can definitely make a significant profit in this area.

If you want to become a professional salesperson, we suggest that you read the full article on increasing sales of the Poolyab website and the website of related articles that we wrote about it (such as the article of increasing the customer) so that you can have the most return.

Make Money From Twitter With Influencer Marketing

In this way you need to have a skill and then you can use Twitter to gain new customers. For example, if you are a programmer, you can tweet this every day and put hashtags related to it, this will definitely make others see you and sometimes you may find a customer who will last a lifetime. Leave his orders to you!

So if you have skills in any field, be sure to talk about them on Twitter every day, your skills can be consulting, programming, graphics, coding, content production, English, narration or anything else that the applicant has.


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