What is Google AdMob?

What is Google AdMob?

What is Google AdMob?

Google AdMob is a platform that makes it very easy for app developers and developers to monetize the app. The platform maximizes the value of each ad and visit by combining the three factors of global advertisers, creative advertising formats and advanced advertising technology.

AdMob gives you access to a sustainable source of income and helps you grow your business. In this way, advertisers will have access to new customers and users will have access to free-to-use applications, and app developers will have an easy way to earn money, which can be said to be a beneficial opportunity for users, advertisers and app developers.

As one of the largest advertising networks in the world, AdMob works with millions of advertisers who will compete with each other to display their ads in your application, which can be one of the world’s largest and most reputable brands or the most popular startups that lead to You will get more ads and therefore more revenue.

Types of AdMob advertising formats


Ads that the user can receive in-app rewards for seeing. This format is more common in online games. For example, a user can receive a reward for watching a promotional video.


A type of advertisement in which users, while using the features of the application, see the advertisements in the designated part, which is mainly displayed in a rectangular box at the top or bottom. This type of advertising format is one of the most popular formats for users and application developers and is suitable for all categories of applications.


Ads that are displayed between transitions to different pages and are displayed as a full screen image. This format is suitable for applications such as music playback applications (such as young radio applications), language training, etc.


This advertising format can be customized to create a part that the user sees as part of the application itself.

What are the benefits of Google AdMob?

What is Google AdMob?
Using various Adobe formats such as Rewarded and Native ads, in addition to earning money, you can also benefit from more user interaction with the application.

AdMob prevents you from wasting your time earning money from your app with an advanced and automated system for managing the display of ads in your app.

It is possible to filter and select display ads based on topics and categories related to the subject of your application.

Ability to use the earned revenue to advertise the installation of the application on Google Play and other Google advertising networks.

Due to its connection with several advertising networks such as banner ads, YouTube ads and app installation ads, AdMob will create competition for advertisers to display ads on your app. As a result, this competition will earn you the highest income.


How does Google AdMob work?

What is Google AdMob?
Advertisements are created by advertisers to publish services and products to users of applications, and advertisers pay for them. When app developers create space for ads in their app and introduce their app on the Google AdMob platform, AdMob will display the ads of advertisers who pay to display their ads in your app and give a percentage of the cost received by advertisers to You will allocate.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to earn money from AdMob without an application?

The necessary condition to start earning money from AdMob is the existence of the application and its upload in one of the two Google Play application stores and the app store. So without having an application, you will not be able to earn money through Google AdMob.

What are the requirements for using AdMob?

Due to the fact that only applications registered in Google Play and Apple App Store can be registered in AdMob, so AdMob has not considered any special conditions for these applications. Because the relevant rules in the process of adding applications in Google Play are fully monitored and reviewed, and for this reason, these applications have been approved by Google.
For apps in the app store, the following rules can be generally considered:
Inappropriate content that can include betting content, financial services, etc.
Forgery of identity and legal ownership of the application
Privacy and security that may include access.
Apps that provide ads and store listings.

What does the amount of income from AdMob depend on?

The more users who use your app and the longer users interact with your app, the more revenue you can get from AdMob ads.
Also, the revenue policies of the managers and developers of the application and the amount of share that they consider for displaying AdMob ads are directly related to the amount of revenue from AdMob.

What is pricing to earn from AdMob?

There are several pricing methods for making money from AdMob, each of which can be used or a combination of several methods. AdMob pricing strategies are as follows:
Per click per ad (CPC)
Per 1000 visits (CPM)
For each in-app interaction (CPE) as the first in-app purchase
Most revenue is generated through CPC and CPM strategies.



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