10 Simple Ways To Earn Cash With Donkeymails

10 Simple Ways To Earn Cash With Donkeymails

10 Simple Ways To Earn Cash With Donkeymails
10 Simple Ways To Earn Cash With Donkeymails

It is natural that when hear about money making sites, you probably think either it’s one of the scams or would forever to earn. Donkeymail.com, However, is one of the best paid to read and paid to click site which is working for more than 5 years and have over 600,000 members getting paid every two weeks. The site has a high rewarding USA/ search country signup offers and the best thing about the site it that there are no hidden charges. Even if you get $0.05 you will still get it in your account after couple of weeks through perfect money. Here are 10 simple ways to earn cash with donkymails.

1)Paid to Click

There are many links with varying values and they are just a click away for you to draw money.

2)Wining the Contest

The site is always coming up with new contests and games, join in the Donkeymails.com raffle and win up to $1,000! But everything comes with a price, you need to invest some in order to get more, so read the terms and conditions before you step into the contest.

3)Paid up to $250 to sign-up

The site is not ordinary, it has various sign up deals in various seasons, you just need to keep checking to avail the perfect opportunity. There is more than $250 to earn signing up, you just need to be lucky and have patience.

4)Surf the internet

It matters for how long you stay on the site, use their manual surf bar with cash and credit prizes, who knows you could be the next landing up to $25 cash!

5)Paid to promote

Earn cash by promoting their special link pages, earn up to 50 cents per 1,000 hits!

6)Toolbar downloading

You might not like to download the toolbars offered for free but probably you do not know that they won’t only help you getting access to paid per click advertisement but also enrolling the money to your account.

7)Upgrade to get more cash

 With each upgrade you made, you get more offers, more commission, easy way to access referrals and you can save money on advertisements. Here the prize is not too much; you just have to lose $7.5 to upgrade your status.

8)Paid to read

You will be giving with mails to read. You may want to create a separate Gmail account for your paid-to-read program, each advertiser pay differently but earnings for a paid mail will never be below ¼ of a cent. Sign in once a day, click in your emails, be careful you do not want to click any of the cheat links in your e-mail, typically if you clicked three cheat links, you will be kicked out, so basically keeps your eyes open.

9)Paid to refer

You need to have more referrals to draw the passive cash for you, and with each new referral you introduce to Donkemails.com they will give you the commission. Basically there are 5 referral level of commission, level 5 the least and level 1 the most. If you are at level 5 you will get 1% of a commission and if you are at level 1 you will get total of 10% of the commission. So In short you need to promote yourself by getting active referrals to promote the passive income.

10)Paid to survey

There are various surveys posting every day, take daily free survey offers and earn via completing them

Enjoy earning,


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